Course Description

Course Description:   Language arts curriculum is designed around PPS  and Common Core standards.  Our school district adopted curriculum through Inquiry By Design  for all classes in  6-12th grades.  In addition, students access  current event articles through digital media on NEWSELA, an internet based reading program.   Students also learn Greek and Latin root words in order to increase academic language goals.

Classroom Expectations:
Our classroom is a community.  Students must come prepared to participate, collaborate, and self regulate.  All students are expected to respect all members of the community.  

Inquiry by Design is a program where students learn to find both answers and more questions about various pieces of literature and nonfiction text. Students participate  as a whole class, individual, in pair shares and with small groups.  
Through the inquiry process, students discover how to make their own writing pieces with textual evidence to support their ideas.  Students learn how to organize, edit, and publish their writing pieces through the writing process.  Most polished pieces are typed.

Classroom Basics:
Homework - All homework is due on Friday. For Greek/Latin vocabulary packets, students are graded on completion, not perfection.  Studies will correct their work in class before their weekly quiz and spelling test.  

Reading Logs - Reading Logs are also due Friday.  A new reading log can be picked up when students turn in a completed log. Students are asked to read for at least 20 minutes and write a response paragraph.  Parent signatures are encouraged, though not required.  
Quizzes - Greek/Latin root words and vocabulary quizzes are designed to test if the student understands the meaning of each word.  Spelling tests are self corrected.

Organization  -- Students will keep a Writer’s Journal  (composition book) and portfolio at school, but will maintain a Reader’s Notebook (spiral) to take from class to home.  The Reader’s Notebook is designed to keep Cornell notes  for students to use for homework and classwork.  

Technology -- Students will use Google Classrooms to communicate with peers, NEWSELA to read and respond to current event articles, and Google DOCs to write polished pieces.  Cromebooks are used in the classroom when available.  All technology tools are accessible on home computers, tablets, smart phones or ipods.  

Students will earn grades from the following work:
Homework/Classwork = 20%
Notebooks/Participation = 20%
Polished Writing Pieces/Quizzes  = 60%

LATE work policy:  Students without completed homework packets will work in class on Friday to complete their work.  Late packets will result in a 10% grade loss.
Incomplete packets will be returned for completion
One missing homework packets will result in the loss of SUCCESS celebrations.
Two missing homework packets will result in an email or call home.
Three or more missing homework packets will require academic detention.

Questions? Answers!!
What type of text can students use for their reading logs?
Students can choose a variety of reading material within appropriate limits:   
Yes to:                                                                           No to:
Novels                                                                           cell phone texts
Reference books                                                        Wikipedia
Blogs                                                                             Craigs List
Graphic Novels                                                          Sunday Comics
Audiobooks (teacher approved)                       foreign  film subtitles

Ebooks or Kindle books                                          Social Media

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